Call for Art

I love writing, and at heart I am a writer. That’s why this blog is about fiction and features my original fiction. But I also love art. Illustrations to my favourite stories have always made the prose a little more special.

I would love to put some art up on this site, and accompany it with my own writing. Here are the guidelines:

  • I’m looking for fantasy art. High fantasy, urban fantasy, steam punk, historical, whatever. As long as it’s got some element of the fantastic. I want to be able to write something that tailors to a picture, and I’m a fantasy girl at heart.
  • I’m looking for tasteful art. Nothing NSFW.
  • I’m looking for original art. Nothing taken from somewhere else, and regretfully no fan art. My fanfiction days are long over.

That’s it. I’m not big on restrictions. Any art you grace me with will be fully credited, with links to your blog/twitter (as long as you provide them), and the copyright would be exclusively yours. I keep copyright on the written stuff, though.

If you have some art you’d like to exhibit, send it on over. This is in its experimental phase so I’m up for anything. Send any and all art to

4 thoughts on “Call for Art

  1. I would love to send you some art (please feel free not to like it!)–how would you like me to do it? email with an attachment or something else?

  2. forgingshadows says:

    I’ve given a little thought to this, and I’ve decided to create a test email, if it gets completely spammed I’ll have to try something else. I’ll edit the page, but you can send any and all art to I am currently in Sofia, Bulgaria so it may be many days before I get back to you – but don’t take it as a sign of rejection!

  3. billgncs says:

    here is one my daughter drew that invokes thought….

    let me know if you care to use it.

  4. […] your own art exhibited on this page, why not send it on over, or link me to its location? Visit the Call for Art page for more information. And, of course, comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome. […]

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