The Liebster Award

The amazing Helen of High Fantasy Addict has kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you very much, Helen!

The Liebster Award acknowledges bloggers who run great and underrated blogs. If your blog has fewer than 200 followers, you’re eligible.

I’ve seen this one making the rounds, and I think it’s both sweet and fun. It’s also my first award, so of course I’m really excited about it!

Since this is one of those awards where the nominees make their own nominations, there are a few instructions for me to stick to. To accept the nomination, I’m supposed to put a picture of the award with a link to the blog that nominated me. Thank you again, Helen. Then we have the following:

1. List eleven random facts about yourself
2. Nominate eleven other bloggers for the Liebster Award
3. Notify these bloggers
4. Ask eleven questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the Liebster Award
5. Answer the eleven questions that you were asked when you were nominated.

As soon as this is posted, I’ll contact the bloggers I’ve nominated. Everything else, I’ll do in order. Here we go!

List Eleven Random Facts About Yourself

  1. I’ve always wanted a Siberian Husky.
  2. When I was 18, I turned to my mom and said, “Mom, I’ve lived in the U.S. for 18 years. I think 18 years is enough time living anywhere.” I moved to Switzerland that year and I’ve been in Europe ever since.
  3. I didn’t major in Creative Writing during my University studies. I tried to take a class as a minor, but the professors refused me entry without even looking at a sample piece. I have never forgiven them. I still believe I can make it.
  4. I am a big proponent of people in fantasy novels using guns and gunpowder, but I have never held a real gun in my life.
  5. I despise raisins and everything they stand for. Don’t ask me what they stand for; I’m sure they stand for something, and I’m sure it’s despicable.
  6. I am nearly fluent in Danish. I plan to be fluent by the end of this year.
  7. I can read (but not speak!) hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt.
  8. My current job is giving walking tours around Copenhagen for tips.
  9. If I played fewer board games, I might get more writing done. I reaaaaaaally love board games.
  10. I decided to be an author when I was six.
  11. I’ve been playing the piano since I was five.


I hereby nominate the following eleven awesome bloggers for the Liebster Award. Apparently a lot of cool bloggers are named Christine or Christina.

To accept the award, put a picture of the award at the top of the post and then say who nominated you.

  1. Christina Ruth Johnson at is getting her MA in Art History and putting up really cool tidbits about writing in the meantime.
  2. Christine Haggerty at wrote a great, chilling rendition of the Hansel and Gretel fable.
  3. Brianna Vedsted at works in my old home state of Colorado and writes westerns.
  4. Paul J. Stam of writes about writing and about art – pottery, in particular.
  5. Aric Catron at writes about self-publishing from personal experience.
  6. Christine at has really cool writing prompts of all types.
  7. Aisha at puts up some seriously awesome picture prompt contests.
  8. Akleneth at writes a lot of varied, thoughtful poetry and prose.
  9. Randy Ellefson at blogs about music and fantasy – could it get any better than that?
  10. Kate Sparks at has some great laugh-out-loud moments, and good thoughtful pieces as well.
  11. Val and Ben of chronicle the difficulties – and exciting new experiences – that come with being an ex-pat.

The process of picking these eleven took me a couple of hours! It was so hard to boil it all down and pick just a few…

Eleven Questions for the Above Bloggers

  1. What pet would you own if you could own any pet in the world?
  2. What was the book/piece that inspired you to start writing?
  3. Which published author do you think is most underrated?
  4. What’s your favorite hobby (aside from reading/writing)?
  5. What’s your superpower? Would you use it for good or for evil?
  6. Do you prefer the country or the city?
  7. A man you have never seen before walks up to you, gets down on one knee, and asks you to marry him. What do you do?
  8. What’s the coolest reason that you ever skipped school?
  9. What has been your most disappointing experience in the world of writing so far?
  10. What has been your most inspiring experience in the world of writing so far?
  11. What is your favorite dessert?

Answers to the Questions I was asked:

  1. Favorite color: Green.
  2. Favorite hero or villain in a novel: The Gentleman with the Thistle-Down Hair from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. He was scary because he was incapable of understanding why his actions were wrong. Loose cannons are the best villains.
  3. Pet Peeve: When someone’s writing advice to me is ‘show, don’t tell.’
  4. Something on my bucket list: Hold a sloth.
  5. Favorite song to dance to: Hmmmm…any kind of salsa dancing music, really, except for the bachata beat.
  6. Best day of my life so far: Sneaking down to Lake Lugano with my friends and jumping in! It was nighttime, technically, but who cares.
  7. Favorite place I’ve traveled: Lugano, Switzerland.
  8. Most prized possession: My piano.
  9. If you could go back in time, which time period would you visit: Definitely Ancient Egypt, during the Ptolemaic Period. Egyptian women had strong rights in the ancient world even though beer, bread and onions doesn’t sound like a particularly fun diet.
  10. Who would they cast to play you in a movie: Umm…well, if we’re going off looks, I guess my closest celebrity lookalike is Deeta von Teese.
  11. If you could have one superpower, what would it be: Flying.

11 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Wow! You’re totally awesome! Thank you so much Lillian!
    I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen since a lot of my family (ancestors, I mean) are from there. How cool!
    Okay, I also agree with your pet-peeve: I am showing, not telling! You’re just not reading my book right! 😉
    Thanks again! 🙂

    • forgingshadows says:

      Thanks yourself! Come visit me in Copenhagen some time 🙂

      When I wrote my pet peeve I was thinking more along the lines of when writers give advice in general, but it’s also annoying when it’s the specific advice they give you. I think it would be much more useful if they could say, ‘could you clarify this bit?’ or ‘could you expound on this?’

      • I will! Sounds like fun!

        And I agree. Thankfully though, on the book I’m having published, the editor didn’t seem to think I did more ‘telling’ than ‘showing’, which was awesome.

  2. akleneth says:

    Thanks for the award and giving me a lot of other blogs to explore!

  3. valmcneill13 says:

    Thank you!! 🙂 i’m so flattered, considered I haven’t updated the blog is FOREVER. This should give me motivation to keep writing/updating but also give someone else the honor of being nominated!

    glad midsommar!! xx-

    • forgingshadows says:

      I saw that when I went to your blog, but I remembered reading it last November and I enjoyed it lots, so I figured it should be made known to more people!

  4. Good answers! And congratulations on the award. You’re very fortunate to have the chance to live abroad!

    I know you like fantasy literature. Do you also read historical fiction? If you do, I can recommend a couple books that take place in ancient Egypt.

    • forgingshadows says:

      Thanks for your comment. I do like historical novels – though I try to shy away from ancient Egypt because usually those novels infuriate me. But if you know some good ones, I’d be happy to try revising my opinion.

      • Gotcha. Do they infuriate you because the writers include incorrect facts / information or don’t get certain aspects of the culture right?

        The two books I’m thinking of are written by Michelle Moran. One is called “The Heretic Queen,” the story of Queen Nefertiti’s niece Nefertari (one of Ramesses’ queens). The other is “Cleopatra’s Daughter,” which follows said character Selene after her parents’ deaths. Most of that book actually takes place in Rome, but it’s a good example of what happens when “worlds collide,” so to speak.

      • forgingshadows says:

        Thanks, the second at least sounds right up my alley. I wrote my dissertation on some documents from the Ptolemaic Period. Though I admittedly wish some of the other Ptolemies would get some love. Those guys were seriously messed up. Ah well, I guess it’s up to me to write the story if I want it so much.

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