Other Cool and Interesting People

Here are some of the blogs I frequent:

Enchanted Conversation: This Fairy-tale magazine updates twice a month with some great fiction, nonfiction and poetry. I’m always trying to re-write fairy tales and when I get one right, I’ll be sending it off to this place.

World Weaver Press: Not only a publisher, but a blog full of factoids and crazy devices.

Sinistral Scribblings: This is another site full of fantasy writing, and well worth reading.

The Bestiary ProjectI once wanted to do a blog exactly like this. Now I’m glad I didn’t start one, because this guy’s is so much better than mine ever could have been. Great for inspiration, research or just curiosity.

And here are some great writing web sites:

750 words: Here is the site that got me writing with regularity again after a dry spell of several years. The goal is to write 750 words every day, which is no small feat. I’ve lost my streak many times, but it has provided me with the resolution to keep going, every day of the year.

Figment: A place for everyone to write and get feedback. It’s very crowded in there so you have to fight for attention (maybe a little like writing a blog).

Mythic Scribes: This is for all fantasy fans. It seems to focus on high fantasy but I’ve seen a few pieces that dabble in some kind of altered ‘real world.’ The people there are fantastic with constructive criticism.

Protagonize: This site is for collaborating and showcasing your work. I haven’t spent as much time on it as I would like, but when things get a little less hectic I plan to while away many hours here.

Think you should be on here? Call me to your attention! I like finding new things and I’m especially looking for blogs that specialize in showcasing creative writing. Comment, like a post, or follow my blog and I’ll look you up.

2 thoughts on “Other Cool and Interesting People

  1. Eric Storch says:

    Thank you for the shout to Sinistral Scribblings. 🙂

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