I’m still here…sort of

Wow. It has been a looooooooooong time since I last posted. I kind of dropped off of the digital face of the earth recently.  And I won’t lie. I won’t be back to posting normally for a while.

I like to put thought and dedication into my posts, which means that it has been a challenge in the past to put out two posts a week that I could be proud of. Now my thesis is in its final, agonizing throes and I’m putting every ounce of spare energy into taking care of that. I even feel guilty sitting here, now, writing this post.

But I really, really need to write it. To say thank you to the people who have been present on this blog when I have not been. Checking my blog account for the first time in weeks, I was astonished to see that some people do indeed still care. I hope you guys will still care in February, when I’m done with my thesis and can get back to writing and discussing the craft. Until then, good luck to you all on your own endeavours, and I hope the new year brings something positive for everyone.



Day Eighteen

I have forgotten how to spell. I spent five minutes looking at the title of this post, wondering if that really is how you spell 18. This is what writing a thesis does to you, people! You spend all your time being unwashed and contemplating blog posts.

Sounds kind of like being a hipster/aspiring writer.

Okay, enough humour for now. Tomorrow I find out the true meaning of my thesis, whether the last six weeks of my life have been a total waste or something worth hanging on to and building up. And I even got some writing done today. Hey, my internet went out soon after I got home, and I was an entire half hour without it. I had to do something. It’s just nice that the something I did was productive.

I also cleaned my room, in a half-assed sort of way. Do they give out gold stars for days like this?

Anyway, tonight’s post is necessarily short because 1) I haven’t written much in ages, and have run out of things to say and 2) I have a meeting tomorrow morning that decides whether my thesis is going poorly, or REALLY poorly. At least my thesis advisor is a nice guy. Though he’s a little out of touch with reality, so he may expect me to have far more done than I actually have. Thus the options above.

Okay. Rant over for today. Write on, people!

Also, if anyone has inspirational stories, you can always link to them in the comments. I know I talk about hating on successful wrimos, but I don’t actually hate you guys. I love you. I only pretend to hate you ’cause I’m envious.

Day Seventeen

I guess this is technically the second day seventeen post, because I was stupid last night and labelled my daily post wrong. This is what happens when you try to write blog posts at 2 AM, people. After a full day of translating Ancient Egyptian.

My big day is Monday, so tomorrow is hopefully the last day that I’m going to be postponing my novel. Then I get to play the super exciting game of catch-up. I also get to discover the future of my thesis. So wish me luck for tomorrow and Monday! And good luck yourselves with all your writing projects!

What I Have Been Doing Lately, and a Call for Artists

So, first off:

I realized today that I have missed the last two or three posting deadlines. I wanted to put up another chapter and maybe another book blurb. I in fact have something vaguely chapter-like written up on my favourite writing site. But I don’t want to post it without giving it a good look-over. And I haven’t had time to do that.

On Friday I will by flying to Sofia, Bulgaria to give a presentation on ancient Egyptian mortuary texts. The presentation will be less exciting than it sounds, I assure you. I have  been hectically preparing it all week, in addition to the thesis preparation I have been doing for my advisor. I am happy to say that my presentation is essentially ready, and my thesis pages will be sent off first thing tomorrow morning.

So now you all know what I have been doing rather than engaging in more entertaining pursuits. Real life is so tedious when you’d rather be writing. And I haven’t even got to real life yet. I’m still stuck in the student life.

Regrettably, I don’t see myself posting prior to about a week from now. If I’m overwhelmingly bored in Bulgaria, I may find the time to concoct a book blurb or spare piece of prose.

And now, to the second part:

I don’t think my blog has enough art.

I like art, of just about any variety. It inspires me. It’s fun to look at. It breaks up long lines of prose.

I can’t do art.

So if there’s anyone who would like to have their art put up on a blog, feel free to contact me. I’ve added a page over in navigation with details on what I’m looking for.

Problematic Updates

I thought that updating would be a simple matter. Twice a week, I thought. That should be easy enough. After all, I write every day and so I have seven days in which to get all of my material together.

Now, of course, I’m not sure what I was thinking. Updating twice a week has almost always been a matter of going down to the wire. I’ve always woken up on Tuesday or Thursday morning wondering how I’m going to manage it. And every Thursday, when I’ve made my last post, I promise myself that over the weekend I’ll get a good backlog going and this time, I’ll be really prepared for Tuesday.

Every single time. I never learn.

The facts are that I have three jobs and I’m writing my Master’s thesis. On Mondays I work for my professor. Thursday through Sunday, I give guided walking tours around Copenhagen. In the evenings I’m often too exhausted to write and when I have extra time during the day, I’m either hurriedly collecting research or I’m working on my THIRD job, content writing for a web site that needs to go live in September.

I’m never short of ideas, only on time. I’m hoping to get a chapter together by Thursday, or at least some kind of complaining poem. Thanks to any readers who are sticking it out with me. I hope my life becomes a lot less hectic soon, and I can focus on my writing.