Problematic Updates

I thought that updating would be a simple matter. Twice a week, I thought. That should be easy enough. After all, I write every day and so I have seven days in which to get all of my material together.

Now, of course, I’m not sure what I was thinking. Updating twice a week has almost always been a matter of going down to the wire. I’ve always woken up on Tuesday or Thursday morning wondering how I’m going to manage it. And every Thursday, when I’ve made my last post, I promise myself that over the weekend I’ll get a good backlog going and this time, I’ll be really prepared for Tuesday.

Every single time. I never learn.

The facts are that I have three jobs and I’m writing my Master’s thesis. On Mondays I work for my professor. Thursday through Sunday, I give guided walking tours around Copenhagen. In the evenings I’m often too exhausted to write and when I have extra time during the day, I’m either hurriedly collecting research or I’m working on my THIRD job, content writing for a web site that needs to go live in September.

I’m never short of ideas, only on time. I’m hoping to get a chapter together by Thursday, or at least some kind of complaining poem. Thanks to any readers who are sticking it out with me. I hope my life becomes a lot less hectic soon, and I can focus on my writing.