Day Nine

I am now fully wrapped up in my mid-novel depression.

Something that seems to happen to many writers, each November, is that somewhere around the middle (usually the second week) we start getting upset about our novels. We don’t think we can possibly finish, and even if we can it won’t be worth editing and making into a real, readable novel. This year it has hit me early. I don’t really enjoy working on it anymore, and in turn that makes me feel like it’s not really worth working on.

This, like all other writing humps, is something to be overcome. In November, it’s not about overcoming it with patience and deep thinking about one’s personal issues and possible inability to finish long works. It has to be overcome by just plowing through. Such is Nanowrimo.

Hope everyone’s novel is going well! I’m sure it’s not doom and gloom for everyone – but any tips for getting back on track might be nice.

Mood: defeatist
Word Count: somewhere around 14000 (I didn’t do my Nanowrimo check today)
Music: none.