Day Eighteen

I have forgotten how to spell. I spent five minutes looking at the title of this post, wondering if that really is how you spell 18. This is what writing a thesis does to you, people! You spend all your time being unwashed and contemplating blog posts.

Sounds kind of like being a hipster/aspiring writer.

Okay, enough humour for now. Tomorrow I find out the true meaning of my thesis, whether the last six weeks of my life have been a total waste or something worth hanging on to and building up. And I even got some writing done today. Hey, my internet went out soon after I got home, and I was an entire half hour without it. I had to do¬†something. It’s just nice that the something I did was productive.

I also cleaned my room, in a half-assed sort of way. Do they give out gold stars for days like this?

Anyway, tonight’s post is necessarily short because 1) I haven’t written much in ages, and have run out of things to say and 2) I have a meeting tomorrow morning that decides whether my thesis is going poorly, or REALLY poorly. At least my thesis advisor is a nice guy. Though he’s a little out of touch with reality, so he may expect me to have far more done than I actually have. Thus the options above.

Okay. Rant over for today. Write on, people!

Also, if anyone has inspirational stories, you can always link to them in the comments. I know I talk about hating on successful wrimos, but I don’t actually hate you guys. I love you. I only pretend to hate you ’cause I’m envious.