Day Seven

Today’s great lesson is: When in doubt, make something delicious to eat.

I stayed up last night to watch the election coverage. Living in Copenhagen means that I’m many hours ahead, and so the election wasn’t officially over for me what with concession and acceptance speeches until around 7:30. To keep myself entertained, I made some writer’s fuel for the next couple of weeks.

My delicious treats are called apple cider caramels. They are rich and gooey, salty and sweet-tart as the very best apples are. You can’t have more than two at a time. They are completely amazing. I’ll be giving them out to my fellow wrimos (don’t want to eat around 50 of them myself!) I have to admit, they distract from the writing. I’m too busy being in caramel heaven.

Anyway, didn’t make the word count today, but I did manage around 800 words. Not bad since I stayed up all night and then had zero time today. I slept in and was late for everything.

Hope you fellow wrimos are doing well. Any other delicious distractions I should be cooking up during November?

Mood: sleepy
Word Count: somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 – no exact count available tonight.
Music: none tonight.