I’m still here…sort of

Wow. It has been a looooooooooong time since I last posted. I kind of dropped off of the digital face of the earth recently.  And I won’t lie. I won’t be back to posting normally for a while.

I like to put thought and dedication into my posts, which means that it has been a challenge in the past to put out two posts a week that I could be proud of. Now my thesis is in its final, agonizing throes and I’m putting every ounce of spare energy into taking care of that. I even feel guilty sitting here, now, writing this post.

But I really, really need to write it. To say thank you to the people who have been present on this blog when I have not been. Checking my blog account for the first time in weeks, I was astonished to see that some people do indeed still care. I hope you guys will still care in February, when I’m done with my thesis and can get back to writing and discussing the craft. Until then, good luck to you all on your own endeavours, and I hope the new year brings something positive for everyone.