What do you need to get started writing?

Sorry but it’s going to be a short post today. I’ve been studying so I haven’t been spending much time thinking about writing. So today, my topic doesn’t demand a large word count.

A little while ago I asked about inspiration. How important is it to you in order for you to write, and how does it affect your writing?

While chewing over this question, I figured something out. It’s pretty easy for me to start writing something if I know how it begins. Then, even if I’m not particularly inspired, I can keep going until I come to another ‘beginning’ that I have to work with.

On the other hand, even if I know the plot, the theme, and the style of the story, if I don’t have that little detail of how to begin, I have a really hard time. I mess around with my prose but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. This was even true of my academic work – I couldn’t start writing a paper until I knew how it would start (not the introduction, but the actual body of the paper. Introductions are the worst).

I’m experiencing that problem right now. I’ve got a story that I’ve split up into chapters. I’m trying to work on a chapter but I can’t figure out how to start it. Usually I try to brainstorm while I’m on my bicycle. Do any of you have little ways to help you get started on a story or a chapter?

2 thoughts on “What do you need to get started writing?

  1. I’m having the same problem down my end (well, that and procrastination). My inner editor just won’t stop yapping every time I try to start my story. I haven’t quite solved the problem yet but over the years I’ve noticed a pattern about my writing. I find it so natural to start off with a line of dialogue. It comes easily to me, and for some reason it’s usually some silly line that tries to be funny… and usually fails. Still, it gets the ball rolling for me. Some say it’s bad to begin with dialogue but hey, I’m happy just to get some words down 🙂

    Good luck!

    • forgingshadows says:

      I think that’s the most important part – getting the words down. I often go back and change the beginning, but it’s the catalyst that’s important for me.

      Thanks for the well-wishes and good luck yourself!

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