…and we’re back

I handed in my Master’s Thesis on Monday, February 25th. It was definitely one of the more awesome days in recent years.

The original due date was February 12th, but my thesis adviser granted me a couple of extra weeks. Things are pretty relaxed at my university. And, since I’m probably the only Egyptology Master’s student to be graduating within the next six months, he wanted to make sure that I had a polished product that was a credit to our department.

Since Monday, I have been tasting the sweetness of freedom. Even though I have had a fair amount to keep me busy, there’s nothing hanging over my head. Except for the fact that I have to find a job, but I have a little time left on that.

I put off writing while I was finishing up my thesis, so I have nothing new to offer the world of fiction. Now’s my chance to change that, in that little hanging space between finishing my thesis and defending it, while I’m still a student, yet not quite a student anymore. Before I have to look for a real job, and renew my visa (again!).

I hope I’ll soon be back to my regular posting schedule, and with something real to fill up this empty space.

It is super awesome to be finished. I am so glad to be back.

2 thoughts on “…and we’re back

  1. Congratulations! You’ve given me hope for my thesis being finished someday–our due date is May 3rd. I can commiserate with how hard you’ve worked, and you’ve certainly earned a respite–enjoy it!

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