Day Seventeen

I guess this is technically the second day seventeen post, because I was stupid last night and labelled my daily post wrong. This is what happens when you try to write blog posts at 2 AM, people. After a full day of translating Ancient Egyptian.

My big day is Monday, so tomorrow is hopefully the last day that I’m going to be postponing my novel. Then I get to play the super exciting game of catch-up. I also get to discover the future of my thesis. So wish me luck for tomorrow and Monday! And good luck yourselves with all your writing projects!

4 thoughts on “Day Seventeen

  1. billgncs says:

    ancient Egyptian? Way cool. Is it previously translated?

    • forgingshadows says:

      It isn’t, that’s part of why it’s taking me for EVER. And one of the documents I’m translating doesn’t seem to have very many parallels. It’s exciting in theory…but not when I have a Master’s deadline.

  2. forgingshadows says:

    yep! I am studying Egyptology. It seemed so much cooler when I was starting my bachelor’s than it does now…

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