Day Fifteen

Well, my fellow wrimos, we are halfway through the month and therefore supposed to be 25000 words in. And I am roughly 7000 words behind.

To be honest, I’m not too concerned. Last year I was behind until day 29. My first Nanowrimo, when I was 17, I was so far behind that the only way I could catch up was to write 30,000 words on Thanksgiving day. I wrote 20,000 in the morning, went off to Thanksgiving dinner, and wrote another 10,000 when I came back. True story. And I wonder why my novels are so bad.

I’ve been telling myself that next week, after I’ve met with my professor and made my big professory life-changing decisiony things, I’ll be able to write a lot more. It’s what I say every week, every time November rolls around, with little variation. I’ll always have time tomorrow.

The old excuse that we just don’t have time is the easiest way to legitimize giving up on Nanowrimo. We look at our slap-dash opening chapters and just don’t want to devote the energy to finishing them. But the point of Nano is to make time.

I’ll be doing a lot of time-making in the evening this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be in a better position by Sunday evening than I am now.  Good night, fellow wrimos!

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