Day Five

I’m pretty sure that my lesson for today is going to be: you can’t win them all.

Even though the day is far from over, I’m pretty sure I won’t make the word count. I shouldn’t be too upset about this. I think that 4 days of making my goal is the longest streak I’ve had during Nanowrimo. Really, I should be happy.

I’m not that happy.

Today was productive in ways other than writing, and tonight I will go out and do something nice, and not think about writing words at all. I had intended to write my words this morning. I’m trying to participate in daily morning write-ins at my local book-cafe. This morning was the first one I have been able to attend. I got there a little after 9, and left a little after 10.

How many words did I write? 138.

That’s pretty pathetic, even for me. I partially blame my computer: Scrivener froze twice and wouldn’t actually open. When I tried to write in another application, the entire computer froze and I just sat there for five minutes wondering if my computer had finally kicked the bucket.

But enough of my excuses. Today, I won’t hit the recommended mark. I’m trying to be okay with that.

Mood: up and down (thesis is going well; writing, not so much)
Word Count: 6987 so far
MusicSkalds and Shadows by Blind Guardian

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