Day Two

Mood: still positive
Word Count: 3,376

I am still going strong on day two – for the second day in a row, I made the recommended word count and then some. I didn’t actually write the 1667 words that one is supposed to do in a full day, but I had a little help from yesterday’s count.

Today’s lesson for me was that 1) writing is so much more fun than my thesis and 2) I should maybe try challenges like this more often.

What I wrote today isn’t great literature. I knew even as I was writing it that it was pretty bad. But there was something comforting about thinking, hey, save it for the editing stage. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t erase everything and sit for an hour cogitating on exactly the right word. And as a result, I reached my word goal in around an hour.

When I was younger, I was able to sit down and write novels and edit as I went along. But I haven’t written a novel outside of Nanowrimo since I was 16. Every time I start, I get a certain amount in, but then life kicks in and the prospect of getting in the right mood, editing, putting out something of the same quality in a consistent manner – it all gets to me, and I never finish. Nanowrimo helps me with that. Even though I know what I’m writing isn’t that great, I can push past that and focus on just putting things down.

I don’t know whether I’ll go back and edit it later, but I’d like to think so. Otherwise it’ll end up in the trash.

Hope day two is still a well of optimism for you guys!

2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. ArtiPeep says:

    Good on you! Hope the words keep coming…

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