Day One

Okay, it’s not day one anymore. I wrote and wrote yesterday, then went to a goodbye party for my boss and didn’t get back in time to post my initial reactions to Nanowrimo. Here they are:


We have a loooong way to go. But I’m ecstatic to have started. I wrote over the word goal today, mainly because I was stuck at Immigration Services and all you really do there is wait. Plot bunnies are hopping about, nibbling at the grass and eyeing at each other with suspicion. I’m having trouble remembering everyone’s name, but that will soon sort itself out.

I can already tell that I’ll be having battles with my inner editor. I like to edit as I write, and then go back and edit again. In Nanowrimo, if you keep doing that, you’ll never finish.

Title: not chosen
Word Count: 2151
Initial Feelings: positive.

Other wrimos, how did your first day go?

4 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Aric Catron says:

    2191 words as of my break right now. But more important: I gave myself leeway to just “write” and enjoy myself. I’m not worried about my prospective audience, I’m not worried about offending anyone, and I’m not worried about leaving out details since I am trying to emulate “Iceberg Theory” for this one.

    It is a vacation from writing by writing for me 😀

    • forgingshadows says:

      That is really a great way to think about Nanowrimo. A vacation from writing by writing. We get the chance to expand our horizons without worrying what other people think.

      • Aric Catron says:

        Since I was doing a study on Hemingway when it started I decided to take a Hemingway approach: writing is a bloodsport and if you pull your punches you might as well get out the ring. So my Nano project is an unapologetic piece of fiction that I am not worrying about offending anyone with or targeting an audience.

      • forgingshadows says:

        Good luck! It sounds like you could really get something interesting out of that.

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