Muses and Musings

Yesterday, I found out that my favorite band of modern times has parted ways with their lead singer.

Their press release was muddled, uninformative, and came right in the middle of their American tour. Needless to say, their fanbase was upset and confused.

Symphonic Metal band Nightwish has had its share of problems regarding singers, breakups and bad press. They sacked their first singer in 2005 with an open letter that led to a well-deserved (in my opinion) storm of bad PR. Their parting of ways with their second singer was handled a little more delicately, but a careful look at the circumstances makes it clear that things didn’t end amicably here, either.

I’ve never been much for muses, but the music of this band always inspired me. The melodies and lyrics carried extra stories in them just waiting to be tapped into and released. Sometimes I would listen to just one song for days and days while writing a story to match its pace and theme.

The discovery of this news left me depressed. I love their work so much that I want to be able to love the people involved just as unequivocally. I just want to listen to good music, and write to it when the mood strikes!

But I’ve found that now the music has a little bit of a taint. It will probably go away in time. But I’m disappointed in my muses, as far as they can be called such. It’s unrealistic to expect that they be more than human, but as I revered their music for so long, I guess I wanted to revere them too. It’s like watching two good friends get divorced. You want to think that neither of them did anything wrong – but you know that both of them contributed to the current state of affairs.

I will continue to use this music as an inspiration, and to follow the journey of my favourite musical artists. I know I should separate their lives from their work, but that’s easier said than done. What do you guys do when an idol disappoints you? Have you had this kind of experience?

4 thoughts on “Muses and Musings

  1. ariccatron says:

    I have always enjoyed the music of Nightwish but the childish politics kept me from following them closely.

    • forgingshadows says:

      You are exactly right. Better just to listen and try to ignore the rest of it. I just get so curious, though!

  2. Quite deliberately I do my best to avoid reading anything about the personal lives of writers, artists, and musicians that I admire! It is inevitably disappointing, because we are all flawed creatures.

    I think it’s great that you’ve used Nightwish’s music as inspiration for your writing. Excellent choice!

    • forgingshadows says:

      Thank you, they are possibly the only musicians whose music has pushed me to make my own interpretation. I admire the idea of separating the art from the artist, and focusing only on the creation, and not the creator. Can we love the art but refrain from loving the artist? The answer will be different for everyone, but I am realizing that I often find it hard to differentiate between an artist and his or her creation.

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