What I Have Been Doing Lately, and a Call for Artists

So, first off:

I realized today that I have missed the last two or three posting deadlines. I wanted to put up another chapter and maybe another book blurb. I in fact have something vaguely chapter-like written up on my favourite writing site. But I don’t want to post it without giving it a good look-over. And I haven’t had time to do that.

On Friday I will by flying to Sofia, Bulgaria to give a presentation on ancient Egyptian mortuary texts. The presentation will be less exciting than it sounds, I assure you. I have  been hectically preparing it all week, in addition to the thesis preparation I have been doing for my advisor. I am happy to say that my presentation is essentially ready, and my thesis pages will be sent off first thing tomorrow morning.

So now you all know what I have been doing rather than engaging in more entertaining pursuits. Real life is so tedious when you’d rather be writing. And I haven’t even got to real life yet. I’m still stuck in the student life.

Regrettably, I don’t see myself posting prior to about a week from now. If I’m overwhelmingly bored in Bulgaria, I may find the time to concoct a book blurb or spare piece of prose.

And now, to the second part:

I don’t think my blog has enough art.

I like art, of just about any variety. It inspires me. It’s fun to look at. It breaks up long lines of prose.

I can’t do art.

So if there’s anyone who would like to have their art put up on a blog, feel free to contact me. I’ve added a page over in navigation with details on what I’m looking for.

3 thoughts on “What I Have Been Doing Lately, and a Call for Artists

  1. I have only just stumbled across your blog and am eager to read your work! What caught my eye, though, is your being a graduate student and your presentation on ancient Egypt–can you give any more specifics on your presentation or thesis? (If you’ve already described your thesis elsewhere, I apologize.) I too am an aspiring writer but am stuck (though not unhappily) in the life of a full-time student, getting a masters in art history with a focus on the ancient Mediterranean. I itch to write full-time! Anyway, I just enjoyed discovering our connection–best of luck in Bulgaria!

    Christina Ruth

    • forgingshadows says:

      Hi Christina! So glad you stopped by. Being a student has its merits, but it has really worn me down over the past five years, so I think I can sympathize there. All I want to do is get finished so I can spend more time writing and doing other freelance work. The presentation I’m making in Sofia will be on mortuary texts from Egypt during the Graeco-Roman period.

      How far are you along in your MA? I’m mercifully fighting towards the finish. And thanks for the well-wishes, I am very nervous.

      • That sounds fascinating! I wish I had unlimited travel funds and could go to Bulgaria to hear your talk. My MA program is for two years, and I just began the second. My thesis colloquium is this semester and I’m started to draft my prospectus (cue nerves!). I think I’ll try to enter the real world for a while and not go immediately into a PhD program, just so I don’t get burned out and hopefully have more time to write.

        Safe travels today!

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