Publication Update: Snow White

What is the best thing to see when coming home from five hours of herding drunken, beligerent tourists from pub to pub in Copenhagen?

Well, aside from a warm cup of coffee.

An awesome email, of course. I just finished tonight’s Copenhagen Pub Crawl and slogged my way home to find a lovely email in my inbox: my poem “Snow White” has been published on the fairy tale e-zine, Enchanted Conversations.

I have always loved fairy tales. I have loved twisting them and turning them into something different, and I have loved reading twisted fairy tales by other authors. So Enchanted Conversations is an e-zine that I have enjoyed reading ever since I discovered it (which was, let’s be honest, not that long ago).

Of course, I was really excited when Kate asked me to be an honorable mention  for the month of July. I have so far enjoyed all of her selections, and it is always wonderful to feel vindicated by someone whose tastes you admire.

Kate’s site includes poetry, short stories and articles, so she has a selection for anyone with an interest in the world of fairy tales. Go poke around her site, I’m sure you’ll find something cool!

3 thoughts on “Publication Update: Snow White

  1. Great Poem, for me it captured the true dark nature that lurks behind every fairy tale (although I’ve probably just read to much of the Brothers Grimm). I tried a while back to write new version of Alphege or the Green Monkey (a lesser known folklore that captured my imagination) but I never felt I could do it justice. Now you’ve pointed me towards Enchanted Conversations, maybe i’ll get it another go.

    Thanks for the Like on my Blog too, always appreciate it when people take the time. 🙂

    • forgingshadows says:

      Thanks! I love messing around with the themes of fairy tales. I also love lurking on wordpress and finding cool people.

  2. Good job!
    I don’t know what that moment feels like yet….but maybe someday:)

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